Throughout history, Xiamen has served as an important gateway into mainland China. The city has survived so much trauma over the years from pirate invasions, dealing with the western colonial powers, and terrible hardships under Japanese occupation during WW2. Today, Xiamen is a thriving tourist destination that blends mainland Chinese culture with a more relaxed western atmosphere. Xiamen is a beautiful city with lots to offer both foodies and history buffs alike. It is also a great getaway for those vacationers who just want a warm climate and to take long leisurely walks by the beach.

Xiamen厦门: Barcelona of the East, Garden on the Sea

All year I’ve been bombarded with tales of how amazing Xiamen is – mainly that it’s a gorgeous island with a plethora of great food. After spending a day and half in this city, I can say that they were right! In the short amount of time I was here, Xiamen has become one of…

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