Living in China

China was my home on and off over the past decade! During my sophomore year of undergrad, I taught English at a university in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in exchange for history credits. Post-grad school, I joined an educational NGO and moved to the countryside of Lishui, Zhejiang Province. There, I taught about American culture to a local public primary and middle school, and worked part-time at an English training center for two years. Following this experience, I moved to teach English literature and drama history with an American middle school in Beijing.

When Covid hit, I found myself trapped outside of China, but still had to work full-time from abroad. I wouldn’t recommend that experience to anyone, but it did teach me a lot in terms of personal growth and resilience!


About Me

Hi, I’m Steph. While working full-time as a literature and drama history teacher in China, I started this blog to share about my travel experiences and observations. Now, when I’m not spending time with my wonderful husband, I continue to write about travel, food, teaching, and identity politics. Read more

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