Located in Central Anatolia southeast of Ankara lies this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site! Cappadocia was once a religious refuge during the early years of Christianity. Its valleys housed a monastic community of Christians who fled from Roman persecution and carved an extensive underground network. Today, one is still able to view the remnants they and other ancient people have left over the centuries, including exploring some of their underground dwellings!

The Strays of Istanbul

While walking around the city, one cannot travel more than a few steps without coming across one of the many cats and dogs freely roaming around. Over the course of my time in Istanbul, I learned that the city has a history of treating its strays well, but it wasn’t always so. During the early…

My First Time in a Turkish Bath

Hamams, also known as Turkish baths, are public bathing houses dating back from the Ottoman times. Going to a hamam is one of those experiences that I felt I had to do in Turkey. A bucket list item, if you will. However, I admit I went into this experience pretty blind as to what to…

My First Time Horseback Riding!

Soft sunlight streamed down through branches gently swaying with the early afternoon breeze. Long blades of grass brushed across the broad legs of both the horse and rider as they rode through the Cappadocian landscape. Beautiful alabaster pillars rose high above them, silhouetted against a bright azure sky. The rider and horse trusting each other…

A Roman Fortress and an Underground City

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous (but excited!) when our guide asked our small group if anyone was claustrophobic as we’d be descending far underground into some cramped narrow tunnels.

Cappadocia: Dreamscapes and Otherworldly Beauty

Tatooine? Almost! George Lucas initially wanted to shoot Star Wars: The Phantom Menace here, but he was rejected by the Turkish government and picked Tunisia instead .

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