Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a densely packed urban city with a fascinating post-colonial culture. Before hitting up the nightlife and foodie scene, I recommend taking the time to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History for some crucial background information about the metropolis and going on one of the many free walking tours to gain some local insights

Hong Kong香港: Asia’s World City Part II Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island

  Hong Kong Island Across Victoria Harbour, lies the urban jungle of Hong Kong Island. One can find many of Hong Kong’s big skyscrapers here, including the angular bamboo-esque Bank of China designed by I.M. Pei. Many of the buildings feature an architectural aspect special to Hong Kong: Dragon Gates. Dragon Gates One of the…

Hong Kong香港: Asia’s World City Part I Kowloon

Bright sunlight sparkled on the water amidst the bobbing solar panels scattered about the ocean. The Shenzhen skyline faded in the distance as my friend, Carol, and I rode a crowded double-decker bus early in the morning across the bridge to the palm tree-lined coast of Hong Kong (HK).  Sounds of Cantonese had washed over…

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