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In the end, she became more than what she expected. She became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end, she just simply changed directions and kept going.

R.M. Drake

Identity Politics

I grew up listening to languages my immigrant parents didn’t want to teach me, so I get a regressive pleasure out of feeling my way through sounds to their possible meanings. Not “getting” a word, or a line, or a poem at first read was never an obstacle for me — in fact, it was a seduction.”

Ange Minko

As someone perpetually caught in a vortex of mixed races, cultures, and religions, there’s a lot about my past that I’m working to unpack and heal from. Writing has helped me to process some of the painful experiences I had growing up including forced religious conversions, sexism, racism, and gaslighting among others. My hope is that someone out there can gain something positive out of my story, even if that is just to know that you’re not alone in trying to take care of your mental health and move forward.


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When I’m not writing about travel or food, I like to share about my other hobbies!

I’m an avid reader and love tending to my indoor plants.

You can read about them here:

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Hi, I’m Steph. While working full-time as a literature and drama history teacher in China, I started this blog to share about my travel experiences and observations. Now, when I’m not spending time with my wonderful husband, I continue to write about my love for travel, food, teaching, and identity politics. Read more

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