Fujian Tulous

It’s baffling to think the Fujian Tulous went relatively unnoticed by the world until the Cold War years when US satellites picked up on these missile silo-looking buildings dotting the Chinese countryside. This UNESCO Heritage site was recently made even more famous by Disney’s live-action Mulan remake. Trekking here is not easy, but I feel seeing these gigantic multistory fortresses deep in the foothills of Fujian province is worth the effort. They really are a site to behold!

Of Giant Tulous, Needy New Friends, and Accidental Sugar Daddies Part 2

Yellow shirt guy, seated up front, was a pretty good driver. In many instances, he timed the precise moment another car would’ve caused a head-on collision and swerved, despite his hangover. While Carol and I talked to each other about how “fluffy” the bamboo trees looked compared to those in Zhejiang province, we overheard the…

Of Giant Tulous, Needy New Friends, and Accidental Sugar Daddies Part 1

“No way. Did he just scoot closer and nuzzle my shoulder?!” I thought as I felt a hand rest against my thigh. Oh. Hell. No. For expats living in China, we have something called our “Chinese bucket list” that ranges from the strangely interesting and unexpected to the highly unwanted. Most recently, mine includes how…

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