Letting Grandpa Go

On Saturday, the world lost one of its kindest souls. Late that night, I received a text from my mom that my grandfather passed away back home in the Philippines. It’s hard to put into words how much my world has shifted. I thought I’d share a bit about what a special man he was here.

Chamomile Tea, An Essay published in You Might Need to Hear This

I write to process, to grieve, and to heal. I write to build bridges across intergenerational conflicts and cultural differences. Whenever someone tells me they empathize with what I’m saying, I get excited because it’s like “Oh! I have community!” But then I realize “Oh…It’s because of our collected trauma.” For much of my life,…

Lechón, Flash Fiction Published in The Margins

I’m incredibly humbled and excited to share that my first short story, Lechón, was published today in the The Margins, the digital magazine run by the Asian American Writer’s Workshop (AAWW)!